Baby Boomer Bare Knee

Posted on May 1st, 2012 in 1950s,1960s,Pop Culture,Sexual Revolution by Terry Hamburg

A moment seared in my adolescent baby boomer brain. I was walking upstairs for algebra class. As usual, I passed Marsha on the way. She was “bad,” and getting “badder” fast. That day she appeared with a skirt above the knee—the first girl in my high school that dared to cross the rubicon. The babyRead the Rest…


Today in Baby Boomer History

Posted on April 27th, 2012 in Music,Television by Terry Hamburg

“Legend: A lie that has attained the dignity of age.”  ~ H.L. Mencken, journalist “It might be a good idea if the various countries of the world would occasionally swap history books, just to see what other people are doing with the same set of facts.”  ~ Bill Vaughan, journalist 1995: Flies the coop. FinalRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: What Happened to Sue Lyon?

Posted on April 26th, 2012 in 1950s,1960s,Celebrities,Movies,Pop Culture,Sexual Revolution by Terry Hamburg

I was one steamy baby boomer, with the emphasis on “baby.” In my first and most famous role, I played a fourteen-year-old nymph seducing a dignified middle-aged professor who falls ga-ga in lust with me. Just so happens I was the same age when cast. I beat out over 800 mostly older baby boomer pretties,Read the Rest…


Baby Boomer Auto-Biography

Posted on April 25th, 2012 in 1950s,1960s,1970s,1980s,1990s,Fads & Toys,Pop Culture,Television by Terry Hamburg

“Car designers are just going to have to come up with an automobile that outlasts the payments.” Erma Bombeck “A pedestrian is someone who thought there were a couple of gallons left in the tank.” ~Anonymous A Long and Winding Baby Boomer Road • ‘58 Chevy Impala convertible (mother’s car, greatest “chick magnet” in autoRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: What Happended to Charles Colson: RIP 1931-2012

Posted on April 24th, 2012 in 1960s,1970s,Celebrities,Crime,Movies,Politics,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

“Thanks to the grace of God, I took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’ until April 21, 2011.” When you hear my name, you probably recall the old me. You see, I’ve led two separate lives. The old one was nasty. I was only 38 when handed a political dream job: Special Counsel to just-electedRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Dance Party That Started It All: RIP Dick Clark

Posted on April 23rd, 2012 in 1950s,1960s,Celebrities,Music,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

“Kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol, when they do the Bristol Stomp!” “Everybody’s doin’ a brand new dance now, come on baby, do the Locomotion!” Baby boomers learned the coolest moves watching American Bandstand. But there’s trouble in television paradise. “Gentlemen, our dance show host is cooling his heels in a drunk tankRead the Rest…


Baby Boomers Grew Up On Tupperware Parties

Posted on April 20th, 2012 in 1950s,Pop Culture,Women's Liberation by Terry Hamburg

“I just have one word to say to you. Just one word. Are you listening?…Plastics. There’s a great future in plastics…Will you think about it?” Whispered into recent college graduate Dustin Hoffman’s ear as the secret to making big bucks, from The Graduate, 1967 The Tupperware home party was the right pop culture idea atRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: Who Am I?

Posted on April 19th, 2012 in 1970s,1980s,Celebrities,Pop Culture,Television by Terry Hamburg

I’m best known as the host of a controversial television show. But there’s plenty you don’t know about this baby boomer, and I bet you’ll be surprised. My parents were refugees from Nazi Germany. I earned a law degree from Northwestern and delivered its School of Law Commencement Address in 2008. I served as a politicalRead the Rest…


Today in Baby Boomer History

Posted on April 17th, 2012 in Celebrities,Movies,Pop Culture,Television by Terry Hamburg

“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”  ~Napoleon “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” ~Winston Churchill “The future has a way of arriving unannounced.” ~George Will,  journalist 1993: Los Angeles police officers are found guilty of violating Rodney King’s civil rights. 1991: Dow Jones closes above 3,000 for theRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: What Happened To Dan Quayle?

Posted on April 16th, 2012 in 1980s,Celebrities,Politics,Pop Culture,Television by Terry Hamburg

I’d call myself the best well-known baby boomer ever forgotten. They say Vice-Presidents fall into political obscurity after their terms, and I’m certainly not exceptional. The way people ridiculed and poked at me, you’d think I was Sarah Palin, or someone. I know, don’t say it, I’m no John Kennedy, either. That was a set-up.Read the Rest…