Baby Boomer “Dos”

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Baby Boomer Hair Fads & Fashions ** 1950s ** The Crew Cuts ♫ Sh-Boom, Sh-Boom Everyboy Baby Boomer, 1950s Va-Va Boomer The Duck’s Ass became the symbol of baby boomer teen rebellion, especially among working class kids, often referred to as “greasers.” Hair was combed (with lots of pomade) back around the sides of theRead the Rest…

Baby Boomer Busts: Worst Movies of the Era

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The highly uncoveted Razzie Award To keep this post from going to novel length, these infamous pop culture bombs will be limited to five. All were unanimous flops: critics and audiences, who don’t always agree, were rushing out the same Exit door. None were grade-B efforts. They had big celebrities, big expectations, big budgets, andRead the Rest…

Baby Boomer Booster

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“Eternal Sunshine.” “Happiness in a blister pack.” “Neurological Eldorado.” Within two years of hitting the market in 1988, American doctors were scribbling 65,000 prescriptions a month. Baby boomers were eating the pills like candy. Before Prozac, one treated depression with the proverbial stiff upper lip. Or tranquilizers, usually Valium. Easier, a trip to your favoriteRead the Rest…

Baby Boomer Notable Quotables

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There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home. ~ Founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, maker of minicomputers, 1977 We don’t like their {Beatles} sound and guitar music is on its way out. ~ Decca Records executive, rejecting a record contract, 1962 Television won’t be able to hold on to any marketRead the Rest…

Baby Boomer Assets in the Attic

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Attics, basements, closets, bottoms of bottom drawers. When’s the last time you explored these places? Who knows what could be lurking there? Maybe baby boomer collectible treasure. Here are some tips and inspiration ~ The most famous baby boomer doll in history: Barbie. A 1974 survey revealed that 90% of all American girls between 5Read the Rest…

Baby Booomer Celebrity: Who Am I?

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I’m best known as a TV host. But there’s plenty you don’t know about this baby boomer, and I bet you’ll be surprised. My parents were refugees from Nazi Germany. I earned a law degree from Northwestern and delivered its School of Law Commencement Address in 2008. I served as a political campaign aide to Robert Kennedy.Read the Rest…

Baby Boomer Slang

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Bag, as a particular interest or area of expertise, appeared around 1964 and derived from black jazz terminology. It’s based on the notion of putting something in a bag, thus possessing it. “Jazz is my bag, man.” Widely spoken by early baby boomers but came to be a “weekend hipster” word whose use declined inRead the Rest…

Baby Boomer Hero Falls Off His Horse

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Marlboro Man Big Brother King Arthur Santa Claus Hamlet The top five from The 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived Before a craggy-faced cowboy galloped across the baby boomer TV screen as the Marlboro Man, the brand was marketed as a feminine alternative to the harsher cigarettes gents smoked. In the 1950s, the tobaccoRead the Rest…


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For baby boomers, pledging a fraternity in the 50s and early 60s was hell. That’s why the final period was called “hell week.” For girls, it was more like heck. The pop culture image of tough and relentless hazing in those years is true. It was thought to build character and muscles. For Decoration   ForRead the Rest…


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switch married or divorced

“Every day, in every superior court in the state, the same melancholy charade was played: the “innocent” spouse, generally the wife, would take the stand and, to the accompanying cacophony of sobbing and nose-bowing, testify under the deft guidance of an attorney to the spousal conduct that she deemed cruel.” Stanley Mosk, former California SupremeRead the Rest…