Baby Boomer-Inspired “Super 8” Short of Super

Posted on December 9th, 2011 in 1970s,1980s,Counterculture/New Age,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

For some, criticizing Stephen Spielberg is like kicking Moses. The baby boomer movie director is a well deserved icon, and I’m a fan. He was responsible for a new cultural vision of extraterrestrials and our place in the universe. Close Encounters and ET shattered the mold of hostile, war-bent aliens, introducing instead hope of aRead the Rest…


Baby Boomers Dig The Lava Lamp

Posted on December 8th, 2011 in 1970s,Celebrities,Counterculture/New Age,Fads & Toys,Movies,Music,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

If you use my lamp you won’t need drugs. ~ Craven Walker, inventor of the Lava Lamp It was the ultimate baby boomer fad. Put on Ravi Shankar. Load up the hash pipe (or not). Kill the lights. Flick on the lava lamp and be transported to a bizarre, mesmerizing world of infinite gyration andRead the Rest…


Today in Baby Boomer History

Posted on December 3rd, 2011 in 1950s,1960s,1970s,1980s,1990s,Movies,Politics,Pop Culture,Television by Terry Hamburg

2010: The Leaf, one of the first mass market electric cars, is launched by Nissan. Baby boomers gobbled it up. 1992: U.N. Security Council votes unanimously for U.S. led forces to enter Somalia. 1991: No, son, it’s not real wrestling. Hulk Hogan defeats Undertaker to become the pop culture WWF champion for the 4th time.Read the Rest…


Signs You Are A Baby Boomer

Posted on November 29th, 2011 in 1960s,1970s,1980s,Television by Terry Hamburg

While you may be feeling a bit disappointed that you’re no longer young, you’re ecstatic that you’re no longer clueless. ~Marianne Williamson, writer The boomers’ biggest impact will be on eliminating the term ‘retirement’ and inventing a new stage of life…the new career arc. ~Rosabeth Kanter, business professor › The police address you as “Sir”Read the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: Who Am I?

Posted on November 21st, 2011 in 1970s,1980s,Celebrities,Crime,Movies,Television by Terry Hamburg

My real name is Michael James Vincenzo Gubitoisi. I was one of those hot-shot kid actors who went on to a hot-shot adult career. Every baby boomer and his mother knew me. I had a miserable childhood. My old man was an alcoholic who slapped me around. I ran away from home at 14. AfterRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Michael Jackson’s First Television Appearance

Posted on November 18th, 2011 in 1960s,1970s,Music by Terry Hamburg

Whatever you say about Michael Jackson – and just about everything has been said – he was an incredible baby boomer music talent, evident from a very young age. Lead singer of the Jackson Five, watch the lads at their first television appearance in 1970 on the Ed Sullivan Show. Michael was singing with the groupRead the Rest…


Dont Cry For Me, Baby Boomer

Posted on November 17th, 2011 in 1960s,1970s,Music,New Left,Politics by Terry Hamburg

“What do we want?! Peace!! When do we want it?! Now!!” What did we get? Tear Gas. The March on Washington. 1969. Young anti Viet-Nam War baby boomers came in droves. Demonstrators put the total number of activists at 500,000+. Police counted 150,000. Nixon said well under 100,000. The New Times estimated 250,000. Viewing theRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: What Happened to Billie Jean King?

Posted on November 14th, 2011 in 1970s,1980s,Celebrities,Gay Issues & Celebrities,Women's Liberation by Terry Hamburg

With all due modesty, I became such a big baby boomer celebrity, how could I not fade a little after retirement? That moment came later than planned and cast some unwanted limelight. A “palimony” suit filed by a personal secretary in 1981 turned my life on its head. In one fell swoop, I was “outed”Read the Rest…


Baby Boomer Memoir: Book Recommendation

Posted on November 9th, 2011 in 1950s,1960s,1970s,1980s,1990s by Terry Hamburg

What an offbeat title, I thought. Peter Smith’s reminiscences of his baby boomer Chicago childhood and later adventures in Viet-Nam and Minnesota live up to its portent. While his style is as smooth as silk, the vignettes explore the road bumps of everyday life, a “stream of episode” centering around family, church, school, friends, andRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: Who Am I?

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 in 1960s,1970s,1980s,Celebrities,Movies,Pop Culture,Sexual Revolution,Television by Terry Hamburg

I was your typical suburban baby boomer kid, but cuter and very ambitious. I started modeling at 16 to supplement my allowance. A girl has expenses, you know. I got my big break when I landed a job on Hugh Hefner’s television show, Playboy After Dark, where I “hung out” for atmosphere with a bevyRead the Rest…