Baby Boomer Celebrity: Who Am I?

  With all due modesty, I was the best-looking feminist of the baby boomer era, not that it matters. But who else could go “undercover” as a Playboy bunny to write an expose of the mistreatment of women at their clubs? It was a sensation and landed me a job at New York Magazine.  Read the Rest…


Spaced-Out Baby Boomers

Posted on May 26th, 2014 in 1960s,Pop Culture,Television by Terry Hamburg

It became one of the great lines of baby boomer pop culture. “Danger, Will Robinson” combined the thrill of pioneer space travel, old-fashioned family values, the battle of good vs. evil, and hopes of human-machine interface. 1950s America trumpeted the family. After the dislocations of War and Depression, the family was reunited, smaller (nuclear) butRead the Rest…


Is Your Baby Boomer Name Here?

Posted on April 28th, 2014 in 1950s,1960s,Fashion,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

“Words have meaning and names have power. ” ~Anonymous Mad Men is the quintessential “period” television series, set in the 1960s. The following are some Mad Men character first names that are seldom used anymore for newborns. Is yours here? If so, it will identify you as a baby boomer…or older. Abigail / Alice /Read the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: What Happened To Dick Gregory?

Before there was Richard Pryor, before there was Bill Cosby, there was me – the inspiration for a generation of baby boomer black comics. By the early 1960s, I became the first black “crossover” comedian. People called me the “Black Mort Sahl.” I called Sahl the “White Dick Gregory.” But, hey, I was more thanRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Love Affair

Posted on April 21st, 2014 in 1960s,Fads & Toys,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

“Our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf.” ~Lewis Mumford, sociologist “Two-hundred forty horsepower isn’t enough to move me anymore. Enough to move my body, yes, but not my soul.” ~S.A. Sachs, judge The Ford Mustang turns 50 this month. While the first Mustang rolled off the Ford assembly line in March 1964, it wasn’t introducedRead the Rest…


Boomer Activist: Who Am I?

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Lenny Bruce     Stokely Carmichael Jack Ruby (killed Lee Harvey Oswald) Angela Davis Abbie Hoffman Wayne Williams (serial killer) Sheik Omar Abdel-Rathman (1993 World Trade center bombing) John Gotti (head of the Gambino crime family) The Chicago 7 I defended them all in court.   I was the best known lawyer of the boomer era.Read the Rest…


Baby Boomer Fashion: Designers Who Dressed A Generation

Posted on March 26th, 2014 in 1960s,1970s,1980s,Celebrities,Fads & Toys,Fashion,Pop Culture,Sexual Revolution by Terry Hamburg

  So many designers, so little blog space, but three stand out as leaders of the baby boomer fashion revolutions, attaining stunning pop culture celebrity status in the process. It started with Mary Quant who brought the mod scene and mini-skirt from Carnaby Street to main street. What began in 1965 as a local popRead the Rest…


Baby Boomers Envision 2001

Posted on March 23rd, 2014 in 1960s,Counterculture/New Age,Movies,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

      It broke all the molds. Until Stanley Kubrick’s mind-bending 1968 movie, baby boomers and their parents were fed a sci-fi diet of funk and fear: a 50-foot woman rampaging through town exacting revenge on all who wronged her when normal (a harbinger of women’s liberation?), or huge mutant ants crawling up skyRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Pie In The Sky

Posted on March 13th, 2014 in 1950s,1960s,Collectibles,Fads & Toys,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

  Baby Boomer Trivia Questions ►Which of these boomer pop culture fads was the first to advertise on television? Frisbee Hula Hoop Ant Farm Mr. Potato Head   ►Boomer Match Game: Connect the advertising slogan with the product Ready When You Are Have It Your Way I Love What You Do For Me You GetRead the Rest…


Baby Boomer Celebrity: What Happened to John Lindsay?

Posted on February 23rd, 2014 in 1960s,1970s,Celebrities,Politics by Terry Hamburg

I began as the brightest of political stars: a World War II hero, Yale Law degree, married to the sister of future President G. H. Bush, and elected to Congress from the “Silk Stocking” district of Manhattan. 6’4″, trim, charismatic, and devilishly good-looking, is it any wonder that when elected Mayor of New York inRead the Rest…