Boomers Play At Burlesque: A Trivia Quiz

Posted on April 30th, 2015 in 1970s,1980s,Movies,Music,Pop Culture by Terry Hamburg

“I don’t think there is such a thing as being too raunchy when it comes to the art form of burlesque.” ~Christina Aguilear

“It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. Burlesque is about feeling positive about who you are, about knowing how to shake what you have and being proud of it.” ~Baby Doe, burlesque performer

In the first Gypsy movie, the life of famed stripper Gypsy Rose Lee was played by:


Natalie Wood


Tuesday Weld

 Miss Gypsy Rose Lee

It was panned by critics as over-the-top sexual sleaze, flopped at the box office, then turned into a home video goldmine and cult classic.


Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Adventures of Priscilla


What’s the next line of this 1972 song, written and recorded by Barry Newman, and many others?

Baby take off your coat
Real slow
Take off your shoes
I’ll take off your shoes
Baby take off your dress
Yes, yes, yes…


Only one of the these was not a real stripper’s name:

Blaze Starr

Wild Cherry

Candy Barr

Tootsie Roll

Cup Cake


Answers at end of post





► This poorly rated film had legs

 …but you can keep your hat on.

► All sweetened the runway except Tootsie Roll.

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