Baby Boomer Sex in Space

Posted on February 1st, 2015 in Midlife,Sexual Revolution by Terry Hamburg


Baby boomers may think that space travel is for the young, off in the future. The future has arrived. And with modern medical miracles, boomers may just live to go there and enjoy! it. In a few years, both Boeing and Virgin Airlines will offer low-Earth-orbit trips to the public aboard flights that carry astronauts to the International Space Station. The price has yet to be set. Space Island Projects has a visionary plan to put 20,000 inhabitants/guests on their orbiting playgrounds by 2020.

Space Projects Company projected hotel room


Tourism in space will have all the amenities of Earth vacations, with luxury hotels, restaurants and casinos. O-gravity opens the portal door to exciting new recreation and sports. X-Games become XX-Games. Imagine bungee jumping or sky diving from the edge of space.


SEX IN SPACE…is a popular book and a “don’t ask, don’t tell” astronaut reality. For this most popular recreational activity, the O-gravity challenges are daunting but hardly an obstacle to the imaginative. Here are some of the main issues to consider.

—It would be hotter and wetter, with increased perspiration. Be prepared for large floating droplets.

—Sagging body parts might experience a “rejuvenation,” but expect a slight decrease in male organ size due to lower blood pressure.

—Staying physically together is problematical. Partners may have to be anchored to the wall or each other. Some do this already on earth. Velcro works in space.

—A few will experience motion sickness. Keep in mind that everything floats in O-gravity.

—“Conjugal space choreography” could turn into a hot new profession.


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