Boomer Activist: Who Am I?

Posted on April 13th, 2014 in 1960s,1970s,Celebrities,Crime,New Left,Politics by Terry Hamburg

Lenny Bruce


Stokely Carmichael

Jack Ruby (killed Lee Harvey Oswald)

Angela Davis

Abbie Hoffman

Wayne Williams (serial killer)

Sheik Omar Abdel-Rathman (1993 World Trade center bombing)

John Gotti (head of the Gambino crime family)

The Chicago 7

I defended them all in court.


I was the best known lawyer of the boomer era. I never met a crime I didn’t like. I’ve been labeled a traitor, a demagogue, an egomaniac. I’ve also been called courageous and “a true American hero.” The New York Times got it right when it described me as “the most hated and most loved lawyer in America.”

I was proud to be a force in the boomer-driven politics of the New Left. Yes, I refused to criticize openly any Socialists, regardless of their so-called misdeeds, even when I disagreed with them. Stalin? What about Southern slavery? Solidarity to the cause overrides any benefit of public snipping, especially if it gives the U.S. fodder for its reactionary mill. Yes, I said an oppressed people cannot exhibit racism. So-called black racism is really righteous indignation at past and present prejudice. White racism is just hate and ignorance.


Some are baffled at the range of people I’ve defended. Why serial killers, terrorists, and Mafiosos? The simple answer is that everyone deserves a defense. I didn’t spend 8 years as a director of the American Civil Liberties Union for nothing. Capitalism creates all sorts of misfits. Except for the elite of American oppression, everyone is a victim, and any victim of my enemy is my defendant.

I went to a better place in 1995. Yes, heaven is a Communist paradise, just as all the true religious prophets have said. There’s no need for lawyers there.

Answer at end of post.


 Trivia Questions


The Weather Underground, a radical political group, pulled a daring prison break rescue of what figure, who became a fugitive from justice?

Eldridge Cleaver
Huey Newton
Abbie Hoffman
Tim Leary


How many were real organizations?

Black Panthers
Red Panthers
Grey Panthers
Brown Panthers
White Panthers
Yellow Panthers
Green Panthers
Pink Panthers


Answers at end of post






The sentence was a bit excessive. Tim Leary, the pied piper of LSD, was sentenced to 20 years for violations of the Marijuana Tax Act. His possession amounted to less than half an ounce. Assigned to minimum security in 1970, he arranged to be sprung by the Weatherman. He landed in Algeria, then Switzerland, and ended up in Afghanistan where he was arrested by a U.S. federal agent. The former Harvard professor spent three years in jail before Governor Jerry Brown ordered his release in 1976.


The Black Panthers, White Panthers and Grey Panthers are real groups.


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