Baby Boomers! Live 20 More Years And Never Die?

Posted on December 3rd, 2012 in Baby Boomer Future,Midlife by Terry Hamburg

“Live 20 More Years and You May Never Die,” an expert claims. Excerpts from Dick Pelletier:

Futurist Ray Kurzweil believes we will soon eliminate most disease, pain, and forgetfulness; “If seniors and baby boomers live well for the next 20 years,” he declares, “you may be able to live in perfect health for as long as you wish.”

Although accidents, crime, and violence, could still cause death in this future time, nobody will suffer the pain and misery now dished out by cancer, heart disease, obesity, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and most other age-related human ills.

This future is not surprising considering the current speed of medical innovations…and over the next 20 years, many experts say, healthcare breakthroughs will occur at even faster rates.

Kurzweil agrees that aging will one day be eliminated. Researchers recently discovered how skin cells can be transformed into embryonic stem cells, he says, which will enable doctors to repair worn and damaged organs; and when necessary, regrow new ones.

In Nanomedicine, Robert Freitas talks of tiny nanorobots that can roam through our bodies, fighting pathogens and keeping us in perfect health 24/7.

Nano robots at work inside the human body

This means that the young can remain young and the old will become young.

In just 20 years, baby boomers and beyond might look in the mirror wondering, “Who is that gorgeous creature?” Their reflection would reveal a perfectly-shaped body with beautiful flowing hair in its natural color, wrinkle-free skin, real teeth, and perfect vision.

Is this our future? As technologies continue to advance exponentially, positive thinkers believe that an indefinite lifespan filled with undreamed of rewards will soon be ours to enjoy.

Dick Pelletier is a weekly columnist who writes about future science and technologies for numerous publications. He’s also appeared on various TV shows, and he blogs at Positive Futurist. LINK: TOMMORROW

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