Amazing Rejuvenated Baby Boomer You Around The Corner?

Posted on November 5th, 2012 in Baby Boomer Future by Terry Hamburg

“In just ten short years, baby boomers might look in the mirror and ask, Who is that gorgeous person? Your reflection would reveal a revitalized, more youthful and healthier you; sporting a dazzling smile, with wrinkle-free skin, perfect vision, natural hair color, real teeth, and an amazing sharp mind and memory.” So writes, self-described “positive futurist” Dick Pelletier.

Are we, as some predict, on the cusp of an anti-aging revolution, where one not only looks and feels rejuvenated, but can live many more years than expected.

Oh, you say, that’s a future for the young down the scientific road, not for midlife baby boomers and seniors. Think again. The possibilities may be closer than you imagine.

Read the article by Dick PelletierNew You By 2021: Healthier, Stronger, Younger-Looking

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