Baby Boomer Back To The Future Kicks On Route 66

Posted on July 9th, 2012 in Baby Boomer Future,Pop Culture,Television by Terry Hamburg

Those amazing modern medical miracles are here and almost here. Baby Boomers will live longer and better than we imagined. So, get ready for the future.

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July 9, 2025


Disney is the latest and biggest player in the Historic Route 66 nostalgia trail, unveiling today it’s long awaited “Way Cool” experience.

In 2018, Las Vegas built a 10 mile “Route 66” in the Nevada desert that proved to be a popular family destination. It bore some resemblance to the historic baby boomer highway but had more fantasy and updated attractions that old-fashioned venues.

Then, Trump-Dubai had the bright idea to re-invent the fabled mid-twentieth transcontinental road, and the rest is pop culture history: a fun, “family oriented,” now 145-mile stretch of road from Joplin, Missouri to Oklahoma City.

The Disney baby boomer adventure promises “true re-creations” along its 18 mile “enclave.” Here are some of the “sweet” treats:

10 ice cream and hot dog stands

Iconic restaurant names will be featured: Dairy Queen, Stuckey’s, Fred Harvey, Steak and Shake, and Waffle House.

4 Teepee Motel locations

more miniature golf courses than you can shake a putter at

a mock-up Dinosaur Park

alligator farms with state of the art replicates that you can pet

Indian curio shops

classic truck stops

4 Drive-In movie theaters featuring classic films from the period

a Painted Desert

the Big Texan re-creation with the same 100 year-old offer of a 72 ounce steak free to anyone who can consume it in one hour. No one we saw could.

Disney employees will be dressed in period costume, use jargon of era, and promise the food of the times, while “obeying all state and federal regulations.” Don’t have the right garb yourself? Disney Retro Clothing Shops along the route will help you fit right in.

No “electronic device” invented after 1975 will be allowed. Emergency communication is available, upon request, at all times.

Every motel room has a TV and radio programmed only for shows of the era, and features “Magic Fingers” beds. For those who want to experience the “Big Sky” outdoors, there are sleeping and RV parks.

The Route 66 Commission permits only reproductions and restored cars from 1945-1975 on the road, and they must be equipped with non-fossil burning engines. You can drive your own vintage model, or rentals are available as you enter the 66 Highway.

Disney Rental Lot

As an introductory offer at Disney, you receive a $1000 bonus coupon and a waiver of the $300 toll road entry fee.

Tomorrow in Baby Boomer History

2041: Cher celebrates her 90th birthday as the headliner of a star-studded show at the opening of the Marriot Moon Casino, seen by a record 15 billion global broadcast viewers.

2038: Ted Williams’ cryogenically preserved head is successfully attached to a clone body.

2036: The man-made island of Atlantis become the 51st U.S. state.

2029: U.S. and China end a week of armed conflict in the Vega Moon Sector with a comprehensive treaty.

2022: President Bobby Jindal’s grand daughter gives birth to triplets.

2021: The first “cog” – a cross breed of a dog and cat – is developed at Genentech.

2017: Lexus introduces the first automated breaking system.

2017: Barack Obama becomes President of Harvard University.

Baby Boomer Notable Quotables

The future ain’t what it used to be. ~ Yogi Berra

The best way to predict the future is to create it. ~ Peter Drucker, business writer

We drive into the future using only our rear view mirror. ~ Marshall McLuhan, author of The Medium is the Message

The future will be better tomorrow. ~ Dan Quayle

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