Baby Boomer Ship of Fools

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The question isn’t who guest starred on Love Boat, but who didn’t?

530 different celebrities appeared in the ten year television run. With each program having three love stories going simultaneously, there were plenty of roles.

It was a pop culture haven for the out-of-work and has-beens of all types and stripes – mainly baby boomer celebrities but plenty of old timers, as well. Love Boat represented the largest single television show employer in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Former Kid/Teen Stars

Old-Timers Hanging on

Singers Who Couldn’t Act

Actors Who Couldn’t Act


Trivia Factoids

~ Lauren Tewes, who played Cruise Director Julie McCoy, left the show after 7 years due to cocaine abuse.

~ Love Boat energized the cruise ship industry by inspiring millions who had never considered the idea to jump aboard.

~ The show did consistently well in the ratings but was finally cancelled when audiences fell. In syndication, it experienced a rejuvenation.

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