Baby Boomer Celebrity: Who Am I?

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I married three of the most gorgeous baby boomer starlets.

My first wife was also a beautiful actress, but not as well know. She made up for that by being the grandniece of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.

Yes, they all look alike. I fell for that type.

I was the type every woman fell for: tall, dark, handsome and buff – your classic Hollywood matinee idol. During the 1950s, I made 26 movies. My roles included Joshua in the Ten Commandments, Hajji himself in the Adventures of Hajji Baba, and Exodus.

By the 1960s, my acting career was running out of steam. I guess I was a poor man’s Tony Curtis, but even that pretty boy eventually lost his celebrity luster.

So I devoted myself to my lovely ladies. I directed all of them in movies and personally took their Playboy photo shots.

I also directed two hit music videos for Shania Twain.

Beautiful women, just couldn’t stay away from them.  Answer at end of post.

Baby Boomer Trivia Questions

What was the top box office movie of the 1950s?

Ten Commandments
Ben Hur
Lady and the Tramp
From Here to Eternity

Crooner Eddie Fisher also married a bevy of Hollywood beauties. Only one of the following ladies was not his wife:

Connie Stevens
Elizabeth Taylor
Debbie Reynolds
Eva Gabor

This Day in Baby Boomer History

1994: Space shuttle Columbia 17 lands after record 14 days in space.

1986: Britain’s Prince Andrew marries Sarah Ferguson.

1984: Vanessa Williams, the first black Miss America, resigns her crown due to the discovery she had posed nude.

1973: President Nixon refuses to release Watergate tapes of conversations in the White House.

1966: Napoleon XIV releases They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha! Ha!

1965: Beatles Help is released in UK.

1959: Vice President Nixon begins visit to U.S.S.R.

Answers to Baby Boomer Trivia Questions

His fourth wife took his name and was famous as Bo Derek.

The top box office attraction of the 1950s went to the dogs.

Eddie and Eva would have made an interesting couple, but it never happened.

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