This Day in Baby Boomer History

Posted on July 16th, 2011 in Music,Pop Culture,Uncategorized by Terry Hamburg

1997: A man is awarded $266 million after being fired from Miller Brewing for sexual harassment when he told a co-worker about an episode of Seinfeld.

1994: Old enough to be her…meal ticket. Bombshell Anna Nicole Smith (26) weds spent-shell billionaire J. Howard Marshall II (89). They met in a topless dancing establishment.

1988: Florence Joyner runs 100 m in a women’s world record 10.49 seconds.

1988: Michael J. Fox marries actress Tracy Pollan.

1982: Sun Myung Moon, leader of the New Age Unification Church, is sentenced to 18 months for tax fraud. The church had a large U.S. following.

1980: Ronald Reagan is nominated for President.

1976: Rock duo Loggins and Messina break-up after 6 years.

1973: Smoking gun. During Watergate hearings, the existence of secret oval office audio tapes is revealed.

1972: Music legend Smokey Robinson and The Miracles’ final live performance.

1969: Apollo 11, carrying first men to land on Moon, is launched.

1964: Republican convention selects Barry Goldwater as Presidential candidate.

1956: Last Ringling Bros, Barnum and Bailey Circus under a canvas tent.

1951: J. D. Salinger’s novel Catcher in Rye is published.

1945: The first atomic bomb is detonated, a test in Alamogordo, New Mexico. It is a prelude to Hiroshima.

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